The purpose of the Human Equity Fund is to forward the 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals and tackling existential threats: By closing the equity gap through means such as :

•Direct aid & facilitation

•Scientific & political influence

•Advocation & political lobbying

•Promoting humanism & world socialism

•Through public/communal ownership & ensuring equitable contribution & distribution of production

•Strengthening the United Nations & it's civil society engagement mechanisms

•Military & Arms (both nuclear & conventional) deproliferation

...we believe that to help solve many existential issues, we must enable direct democracy and democratic policy. We must inclusively enable the global citizen to affect real and positive change. It is our goal to resolve the root factors that lead to existential risk and ultimately, suffering for the human being. A lot of what we do is identifying and enabling communities, groups, and individual global citizens identified through the VNRs, as 'most vulnerable' in the 2030 Agenda [e.g. Paragraph 74 (e)] and empowering the global citizen. We couple within the existing frameworks of governance at both the global and communal layers, while helping to adapt these frameworks to meet dynamical needs in changing times. Together we can achieve a moderately sustainable quality of life...for All, not just Some. "Feed every mouth, educate every mind. Heal every wound." Let the human being prosper and flourish.

Some of the organizations we work with include:

•The Coalition For The UN We Need (formerly UN2020)

•Stimson Center

•Global Governance Innovation Network

•Think Tanks & Civil Societies Program (promoting African & indigenous voices & the voice of womens' inclusivity in global think tanks)

•Turkish Heritage Organization (THO)

•International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

•The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations

•The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Some highlights of events that we have participated in more recently:

•Arms Trade Treatise (ongoing work with a summary report due sometime late 2022)

•UN75 Global Governance Forum

•Academic Council on the United Nations Annual Meeting (ACUNS)

•Global Town Hall 2021, 2022

•We the People’s” digital consultation (April 23rd - May 21st)